Arbor Experts Showcases a Massive Red Oak Tree Removal in Norfolk, VA

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Arbor Experts Showcases a Massive Red Oak Tree Removal in Norfolk, VA

by | Mar 22, 2024

Emergency tree removal specialists from Arbor Experts helped save the yards, driveways, and homes of two homeowners in Norfolk, VA, when a tree got a little too close for comfort. Despite narrow working conditions, the Arbor Experts team helped ensure a safe tree extraction, including debris and litter in the yard. With little room to work, the equipment required for the tree extraction was difficult to maneuver into place. The case study below shows how Arbor Experts handled the precarious ordeal between two properties.

Job Description Details for the removal of a Monster Red Oak Tree in the Norfolk Area

  • Client Profile: Residential Homeowner
  • Location: Norfolk, VA
  • Type of Service: Removal of a very large red oak tree.
  • Tree Size: 70 feet tall and 46 inches in diameter.
  • Equipment/Products Used: Spider lift, Skid Steer, loader, chipper truck, four-man crew for maximum efficiency.
  • Service Frequency: One-Time Project.
  • Season: Spring
  • Specific Challenges: Very congested job site. The tree was located in the back yard, with very little room around the tree and little to no room to get the proper equipment there. This job required coordinating with the neighbor for property access to bring a crane in on their side. Not cracking the driveway was a challenge as well.
  • Tree Type: XL Red Oak
  • Additional Services: Debris hauling and cleanup.
  • Client Preferences: Remove the tree closer to the driveway and trim the other one to make the front yard look more appealing.


tree removal

Tree Removal


Expert Precision: Tree Removal Project Overview in Norfolk, VA

Arbor Experts answered a call in Norfolk, VA, about a tree clogging an area between two homes, with only a narrow driveway and yard space between the two. Because the tree was located close to the two homes, efficient tree extraction required precise but bulky equipment, including a spider lift and a chipper truck for quick removal. Thanks to the planning of the Arbor Experts team, despite the congested space, the hazardous tree removal and any stump grinding services were handled swiftly.

during tree removal

During tree removal


Careful Administration: Space Usage, Cooperation, and a Tree Safely Extracted

Because the space was tight not only for the tree but also for the machines required to remove it, balancing weight and space became an art of discretion. Too much weight from the removed tree or the equipment would have cracked the driveway encompassing most of the ground space. However, because of the mindful and expert hands of Arbor Experts, the tree removal went smoothly, with no damage or even debris left to clutter the client’s or neighbor’s home.


after tree removal

shows no cracks on driveway and no damage done, even though it was such a tight area to work with

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