Professional Oak Tree Removal and Trimming in Chesapeake, VA – A Closer Look at Arbor Experts’ Services

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Professional Oak Tree Removal and Trimming in Chesapeake, VA – A Closer Look at Arbor Experts’ Services

by | Feb 27, 2024

Arbor Experts in Virginia Beach, VA, recently handled an oak tree removal and trimming project. A Chesapeake homeowner enlisted us for these services, seeking help with encroaching oak trees on the residence. The crew transformed the property with pruning service and tree removal in Chesapeake, VA.

Oak Tree Removal Project Overview in Chesapeake, VA

This particular case showcases the importance of tree services for improving a property’s curb appeal.

  • Client profile: Homeowner
  • Location: Chesapeake, VA. Norfolk County
  • Type of service: Removing one tree and trimming another
  • Tree size: 45 feet tall and 30 inches in diameter
  • Tree type: Oak
  • Equipment: Bucket Truck, Skid Steer, Loader, Chipper truck, four-man crew for maximum efficiency
  • Service frequency: One-time project
  • Season: Spring
  • Specific challenges: None
  • Additional services: Debris hauling and cleanup
  • Client preferences: Remove the tree closer to the driveway and trim the other for front yard curb appeal 


before tree removal and trimming

Setting up for tree removal and trimming at a Chesapeake, VA, home

Two Oaks Required Professional Tree Trimming and Arborist Tree Removal for Property Enhancement

The Chesapeake homeowner approached Arbor Experts in Virginia Beach, VA, about a front yard facelift that would remove a large oak tree. The smaller oak encroached on the driveway, and a larger specimen nearby had overgrown branches. The request covered oak tree removal and trimming from our professional arborists.

Fast Heavy-Duty Oak Tree Removal Services

A four-man crew visited the Chesapeake home with all of the necessary equipment for safe tree removal and trimming work. The task presented no specific challenges. However, the oak tree the client wanted to remove was an impressive 45 feet tall and 30 inches in diameter.

The crew’s experience with tree removal in Chesapeake, VA, guaranteed a straightforward service, including quick debris removal. Trimming and cutting trees are among the many expert tree care services this local team offers. 

Improved Curb Appeal After a Superior Tree Pruning and Cutting Service

The client scheduled expert tree trimming in Chesapeake, VA. The second oak tree on their property had a full canopy, which blocked sunlight from the home most of the year. As a solution, the team trimmed the lower branches, which also gave the upper structure a slimmer, tidier shape.

After finishing both services, there was ample space, more sunlight filtering into the home, and a happy client. The team solves similar tree problems statewide. That’s why locals trust these tree services in Chesapeake, VA, including tree removal and trimming.


after tree removal and trimming

Complete tree removal and trimming in Chesapeake, VA

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