Emergency Tree Removal in Virginia Beach, VA, for an Oak Tree | Case Study

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Emergency Tree Removal in Virginia Beach, VA, for an Oak Tree | Case Study

by | Feb 27, 2024

Following strong storms, large trees often pose a problem. A concerned Virginia Beach property owner enjoyed immediate tree removal benefits from their emergency tree removal services from Arbor Experts in Virginia Beach, VA. With 24/7 tree removal, the crew helps local residents stay safe with emergency tree-clearing services.


before tree removal

Before Tree Removal


Oak Tree Removal Project Overview in Virginia Beach, VA

Arbor Experts’ local rapid-response tree removal team prevented property damage with the following case: 

  • Client profile: Homeowner
  • Location: Virginia Beach, Virginia
  • Type of service: Emergency tree removal of a large oak tree that had fallen onto a house
  • Tree size: 40 feet tall and 28 inches in diameter
  • Tree type: Oak
  • Equipment: Spider Lift, Skid Steer, Loader, Chipper Truck, four-man crew
  • Service frequency: One-time project
  • Season: Summer
  • Specific challenges: A violent storm came through Virginia Beach. The crew had to carefully remove a downed oak tree on this client’s property. They also had to clean up. 
  • Additional services: Debris hauling, immaculate cleanup
  • Client preferences: Remove the fallen tree. Make room for after-storm repair and recovery efforts.

Quick Storm-Damaged Tree Removal in Virginia Beach

Summer in Virginia Beach often brings powerful storms that tear through the region’s trees, roofs, and more. This time, high winds caused the client’s large oak tree to fall on the residence, leaving a huge mess for the experts to clean up. Arbor Experts specializes in emergency tree removal in Virginia Beach, VA, so the crew quickly responded to the service request. 


during tree removal

During Tree Removal


Urgent Tree Removal Services for Dangerous, Downed Trees

This customer faced several challenges due to the storm. A 40-foot oak tree was down, but this incident caused considerable damage to the rest of the home’s structure, as well. For Arbor Experts, this emergency tree cutting needed to be fast and efficient so that the Virginia Beach homeowner could begin their much-needed property repairs.

Here’s what the tree service entailed:

  • Prompt arrival for emergency tree service in Virginia Beach
  • A four-person crew for efficient service
  • Heavy-duty equipment (a spider lift and chipper truck) for quick removal and cleanup 

The Extensive Fallen Oak Cleanup Effort Transformed the Property

This project needed emergency tree removal and hauling debris. It was a huge effort for the highest level of precision to prevent further damage to the house. However, thanks to the preparedness of the Arbor Experts in Virginia Beach, Virginia, the oak tree removal job went quickly and allowed the client to get on with restoring their property hazard-free.


after tree removal

After Tree Removal

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