How to Save a Stressed Tree: 5 Tips for Norfolk, VA Homeowners

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Did you know that trees can also become stressed? Inclement weather, drought, strong winds, heavy downpours, and floods can compromise a tree’s health. If you notice dying branches, cracked bark, premature leaf drop, or other unusual symptoms of tree health decline, act fast.  

But do you know how to save a stressed tree? As a trusted tree service in Norfolk, VA, the Arbor Experts crew explores several techniques for saving stressed trees. Keep reading to learn a few tree stress relief techniques.  

how to save a stressed tree

1. Ensure the Trees Get Sufficient Water  

Trees often show signs of stress because of dehydration. Stay alert for symptoms of dehydration, especially during those extremely hot or dry periods. If you spot signs of water stress, like wilting and leaf yellowing, increase your watering frequency to ensure the tree receives the moisture it needs.  

On new plants, focus on watering the root ball. On established plants, ensure you supply the recommended quantity of water at least once a week.  

2. Manage Pests  

Different pests, from caterpillars and borers to scale insects and aphids can negatively impact your tree’s health. Inspect your trees regularly for pest infestations and act fast to eliminate them in case of an infestation. Injured trees are also particularly prone to pest infestations.  

Consult a certified arborist to assess your trees and find the most sustainable pest management technique. A certified arborist understands how to save a stressed tree and what restoring health to stressed trees involves.  

3. Prune Your Trees Properly  

By removing dead, dying, or damaged branches, pruning keeps your trees aesthetically appealing and helps to reduce pest issues. Proper pruning also promotes healthy growth and helps alleviate tree stress, potentially resulting from an unusually high demand for water and nutrients.  

4. Fertilization and Mulching  

Fertilizers inject nutrients into the soil, rejuvenating a troubled tree and helping to keep nutrient stress at bay. Rather than use a random fertilizer, use the results of a comprehensive soil analysis to guide your choice of fertilizer.   

Mulching helps conserve soil moisture and reduces the competition for water from weeds. Mulch improves the soil’s moisture-holding capacity, adds organic matter to the soil, and promotes root development. This goes a long way toward reviving a distressed tree.  

5. Hire an Arborist  

If you have a stressed tree, a certified arborist can assess its overall health and devise an effective treatment plan to address the root cause of the problem. Find a competent arborist with an impeccable track record to help you bring back life to a stressed tree.  

Trust Your Local Tree Care Experts  

Now that you know how to save a stressed tree, don’t trust just anyone for your tree care needs. At Arbor Experts, we handle every project with integrity, attention to detail, and professionalism. Count on our competent crew for:  

  • Tree removal  
  • Land prepping  
  • Tree trimming and pruning  
  • Stump grinding  
  • And more  

We can also teach you how to avoid common pruning mistakes

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