The Reason Behind Water Flowing from Tree Trunk in Virginia Beach, VA

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Seeing water flowing from a tree trunk is sure to leave you confused. Are you witnessing one of those moments that should go on social media? Is your tree in danger?

As the premier tree removal company in Virginia Beach, many property owners have called us to talk about water flowing from their tree trunks and to find out what they can do about it. The first thing we’d like to tell you about this is that your tree is not in immediate danger.

In this post, we’ll explore the reasons for water flowing from a tree trunk.

water flowing from tree trunk

Reason #1: Bacterial Wetwood (Slime Flux)

Most cases of water flowing from tree trunks are due to bacterial wetwood or slime flux. The bacteria responsible for this disease can enter the tree from the roots, branches, or trunk.

Once inside, the bacteria will produce gas inside the tree. The pressure in the tree will eventually escape as the runny liquid, which anyone can mistake for water emanating from the tree trunk.

However, the liquid turns slimy and smelly after a while. It will leave a yellow or dark brown stain around the tree trunk. If you see these signs, you should know you have bacterial wetwood.

How Does Bacterial Wetwood Affect Your Tree?

In most healthy trees, bacterial wetwood will remain nothing more than cosmetic damage. Those stains are the worst that will happen. However, the disease can cause branch dieback and leaf wilting in unhealthy trees.

Reason #2: External Water Pressure

In some rare cases, you might find water flowing from a tree trunk because there’s a damaged underground pipe forcefully pumping water upwards into the tree. If you see water flowing from a tree trunk forcefully or flowing water from a tree base, it’s a clear sign that the water is from an external source.

How Does Tree Trunk Water Discharge Due to External Water Pressure Affect Your Tree?

Allowing the external water pressure to go on for too long can cause overwatering and all the disadvantages you can associate with it. Additionally, the excess water may cause erosion and weaken the grip of the tree’s roots to the ground.

How to Stop Water Flowing From Your Tree Trunk

The right approach to stopping tree trunk water seepage depends on the cause of the leak. The surest way to stop water from external sources is to contact a plumber to check for possible broken pipes and fix them.

If the water is from a natural source, you’ll have to explore ways to divert it away from the tree.

If the water flow is due to bacterial wetwood, there’s not much you can do to stop it. There’s no cure for the disease. However, it won’t harm your tree as long as you protect your tree from all the usual stressors.

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