A Guide To Effective Tree Rot Treatment in Virginia Beach, VA

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The thought of your tree decaying is never fun. However, the presence of tree rot doesn’t have to be a death sentence. If you catch it early and act quickly, you can prevent the decay from spreading and killing your tree.

In this article, we’ll dive into tree rot, looking at what it is and how to spot it. We will also share a guide to effective tree rot treatment so that you won’t have to schedule expert tree removal in Virginia Beach.

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What Is Tree Rot?

Tree rot is a type of fungal infection that causes the decomposition of your tree’s wood and roots. Common types of tree rot include:

  • Root rot
  • White rot
  • Brown rot
  • Soft rot

Sings of Tree Rot

Spotting tree rot isn’t always easy to do. Fortunately, there are a few clues that can help you know if your tree is decaying, such as:

  • Cracks or holes in the bark
  • Leaf issues
  • Root damage
  • Peeling or crumbling bark
  • Dead sections of the branches or trunk
  • Mushrooms growing on the tree’s trunk or at the base
  • Soft sections on your tree

Treating Tree Rot

In most cases, the only way to treat the rot is to remove the tree, along with its stump and roots. However, there are a few alternative tree rot treatment solutions that can work.

For instance, if your tree is still healthy or if only a small area has been affected by the rot, you can remove the damaged section. Your tree will then seal off this area in a process called compartmentalization. This process prevents the decay from spreading through the tubes that carry nutrients and water to other parts of the tree.

Sometimes, proper watering, fertilization, and applying fungicides can also help you extend your tree’s life, even if rot has set in.

Preventing Tree Decay

As effective as treatment might be, the best solution is to prevent tree rot from occurring in the first place. Doing this might seem quite difficult. The good news is that there are a few measures you can try implementing.

Regularly Inspect Your Tree

Conducting annual inspections will help you detect issues early on and address them before they become untreatable.

Create a Plant Healthcare Program

Creating a plant healthcare program will help you meet your tree’s needs better. These programs detail everything from inspection schedules to how often you should water and fertilize your tree.

Avoid Damaging Your Tree

You can trace most cases of tree rot to a single tree wound. As such, by keeping your tree safe from physical damage, you can limit the chances of tree rot developing.

Enjoy Comprehensive Tree Care in Virginia Beach, VA

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