How Do Trees Die in Portsmouth, VA?

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Trees are resilient and can withstand various harsh environmental elements. Some tree species can even live up to over 4,000 years. Sadly, all trees eventually die.

The good thing about trees is that they’re beneficial both when alive and dead. They’ll give you shade and fruits and provide shelter for various animals. When they die, they provide nutrients for other plants. 

But how do trees die? In this blog post, Arbor Experts, a tree removal company in Portsmouth, VA, delves deeper into common causes of tree death. 

how do trees die

Old Age

Your tree will start dying gradually once it reaches maturity. The process can last for centuries for long-lived tree species. 

After maturity, the tree’s growth slows down since it can’t sufficiently support itself. The tree experiences significant loss of foliage, which is essential for food and hydration. 

Your old tree may develop new immature branches known as epicormic sprouts to help maintain its vigor. Unfortunately, these branches aren’t strong enough to sustain life for a prolonged period. The tree will slowly collapse under its weight and eventually disintegrate into topsoil and nutrients for other plants. 

Harsh Environmental Factors

The condition of the environment in which your tree grows can also mean the difference between life and death. If you have a drought-sensitive tree in a dry area and don’t provide sufficient water, it may die from dehydration. 

Other adverse environmental conditions that could lead to tree death include salty soils, poorly draining soils, extreme solar heating, and air and ground pollution. It pays to understand a tree’s tolerance to various environmental conditions before planting it.

Harmful Pests and Diseases

Ask any experienced arborist, “How do trees die?” and they won’t fail to mention insects and diseases. 

Dutch elm disease, the chestnut blight, and other virulent diseases are notorious for causing sudden tree deaths. However, many diseases can kill your tree gradually, and they include oak wilt, anthracnose, and Armillaria root rot. 

Harmful insects tend to be opportunistic, attacking already diseased or stressed trees. In addition to directly killing the tree, they also spread harmful fungi to nearby trees. These insects include emerald ash borers, pine beetles, and the gypsy moth. 

Natural Calamities 

Any tree on your property is susceptible to damage by fire, tornado-strength winds, and other catastrophic events. 

It’s worth noting that these events usually don’t kill the tree. Instead, they cause severe damage, depriving the tree of its vigor and resistance and leaving it vulnerable to insects and diseases. Floods that take too long to recede can lead to reduced oxygen in the tree roots, eventually causing tree damage. 

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How do trees die? This can be a result of factors like old age, poor environmental conditions, and natural calamities. If you need help caring for your trees, Arbor Experts is the go-to arborist in Portsmouth, VA. 

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