Does Cutting Down Trees Increase Property Value in Virginia Beach, VA?

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Whether you want to put your property on the market or have recently bought a parcel of land and plan to build a new home, you want to make decisions that boost rather than reduce your property value. Tree planting, for example, can boost your property’s aesthetic appeal and potentially raise its value.   

Does cutting down trees increase property value as well? In this post, Arbor Experts, the top choice for tree removal in Virginia Beach, highlights the effects of tree cutting on property value.  

does cutting down trees increase property value

Tree Cutting and Property Value  

The effects of tree cutting on property value will depend on several factors. For example, removing a perfectly healthy and beautiful tree from your lawn may harm your property value. Cutting down a fungi-infested or dangerously leaning tree can increase your property value.  

Stay alert for the following signs that make tree removal potentially beneficial to your property’s value.  

A Bad Location  

A tree growing too close to your house or other structure may cause significant damage to the foundation and break windows or damage your roof during a storm. Such a tree may also block spectacular views or create a dull atmosphere that may harm your property valuation.   

Does cutting down trees increase property value? Removing a tree planted in the wrong spot may increase the value of your property.  

Diseased, Dead, or Dying Trees  

When you have damaged, dying, dead, or diseased trees, call a certified arborist to check them out and recommend the best solution. If the expert can’t see the trees improving, cutting them down may help to maintain or increase the value of your property. 

You don’t want a diseased tree to ruin the look of your perfectly manicured lawn. Symptoms of a tree on its last leg include:  

  • A hollow trunk  
  • Brittle bark  
  • Leafless branches  
  • Cracks or splits  
  • Root damage  
  • Insect infestations  
  • Excessive leaning or tilting  

Overgrown Trees  

Overgrown trees often feature unstable branches that pose the risk of falling and causing injury or damage. If your compound has a disruptive, overgrown tree, cutting it down may help boost your property value.  

Seek professional advice on suitable tree species to plant in your area to avoid planting trees that may outgrow their intended space.  

Hire Tree Removal Experts  

Because tree removal requires specialized equipment and expertise, hire a tree removal expert. DIY tree removal may seem tempting, but without the necessary skills, tools, and equipment, you risk injuring yourself and damaging property. 

Ultimately, tree removal may prove beneficial, as long as you have the trees removed by a professional. An expert will do the job quickly, safely, and efficiently.   

Work With Our Professionals

Does cutting down trees increase property value? It depends. However, if you need expert tree removal services, count on our competent arborists at Arbor Experts.   

We offer various specialized tree care solutions besides tree removal. Contact us for:  

  • Tree trimming and pruning  
  • Stump grinding  
  • Land prepping  

Call Arbor Experts at (757) 500-TREE to request a free quote for tree services in Virgnia Beach, Virgnia, or nearby. Reach out to learn how to cut down a tree near your house.  


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