Can Removing a Tree Cause Foundation Problems?

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For many homeowners, tree removal might seem straightforward. However, it is a lot more complex than one might think, especially if the tree is close to your home.

Can removing a tree cause foundation problems? In this article, tree removal experts in Virginia Beach will look at how cutting down a tree could impact your home’s foundation.

Removing a Tree

How Does Tree Removal Affect Your Property’s Foundation?

Your tree’s root system does a lot, from absorbing the nutrients that keep the tree alive to providing the tree with support. To do so efficiently, the roots need to grow quite deep. Depending on the species of tree, the root system could reach several feet down. This makes removal quite a hassle.

Can removing a tree cause foundation problems? The short answer is yes. When you remove a tree, you could unknowingly affect your property’s foundation.

Roots tend to grow towards moist soil. Sometimes, this means extending towards your property’s water mains, sewer drains, and sewer pipes.

Since the roots absorb a lot of water, you never need to worry about the moisture getting out of control. However, if you remove the tree, all the water its roots used to absorb will remain in the soil.

This additional water will cause the soil to swell and place extra pressure on your home’s foundation. In extreme cases, this ground heave could cause foundation settlement, causing cracks and even separation.

How to Know If Your Foundation Is Affected

With your foundation deep in the ground, it can be hard to know how damaged it is. Fortunately, there are some signs that will help you determine if something is wrong.

Sinking Ground

Is there a sudden and significant hole or dip that was not there before? This is a telltale sign that your building’s foundation is compromised.

Drainage Issues

Have you begun experiencing drainage issues? While these issues are a result of various things, one of the causes is foundation problems.

Cracks in the Basement

Consider checking for cracks in your home’s basement. The larger the crack, the more severe the issue is.

Should You Still Remove the Tree?

Nothing is more of a threat to your home’s structure than foundation issues. Learning that removing a tree can cause foundation problems could lead you to skip the removal entirely. This is not necessary, though.

Removing a tree can lead to foundation problems. However, consulting experts beforehand will help you avoid these problems. They will take into account your home’s foundation and come up with solutions that will allow them to remove the tree without creating any unwanted issues.

Dependable Tree Removal Services

Can removing a tree cause foundation problems? Yes. Fortunately, with Arbor Experts by your side, you won’t have to worry about your building’s structure.

From our specialized expertise to our deep understanding of tree laws in Virginia Beach, you can rest easy knowing your tree’s removal will go on without a hitch. Call Arbor Experts today at 757-500-TREE to request your free quote.


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