Here’s Why Your Tree Is Losing Leaves

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Most trees shed their leaves once chilly fall temperatures set in. However, trees sometimes drop their leaves during other seasons, causing many Portsmouth residents to wonder, “Why is my tree losing leaves?” To answer this question and more, Arbor Experts put together a few reasons why trees lose their leaves and when it indicates a more significant problem.

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Three Reasons Trees Lose Their Leaves

Trees drop their leaves for numerous reasons, some of which can be factors causing a tree to die. Some experience leaf diseases that cause them to shed prematurely, while others lose their leaves to protect themselves from drought.

1. Overwatering

Although trees need water to survive, too much moisture can cause several issues that cause them to drop their leaves prematurely. Overwatering can result in root rot, a serious condition that can kill the tree over time. Implementing the right treatment for tree rot and reducing your watering frequency will help the tree recover and regenerate its leaves, improving its appearance and overall health.

Before watering your trees, check the soil’s moisture levels. Put your index finger a few inches into the soil to see if it’s damp.

If the soil feels damp, your tree doesn’t need water. However, if it feels dry, it likely needs water.

2. Drought

Like overwatering, drought can cause significant leaf loss during spring and summer. Trees close their pores to conserve water during excessively hot temperatures, causing their leaves to turn brown before falling off. 

If you notice your trees dropping leaves in summer or during hot weather, check the soil for signs of drought. Common indications of drought include:

  • Cracked and overly dry soil
  • Exceedingly hard soil texture
  • Difficulty digging

Always keep your trees well-watered during droughts to prevent leaf loss and potentially fatal issues.

3. Leaf Disease

Many trees contract diseases that damage their leaves and cause them to drop. Many develop unappealing spots, turn yellow, or wilt once the infection takes hold, drastically reducing their health and appearance. You must treat diseases early to prevent leaf drop and various other problems.

Unfortunately, treating diseases during summer proves exceedingly difficult since they are too far into development. You will typically need to wait until the following season to treat the disease and prevent it from spreading. Hiring a professional arborist consultation during early to mid-spring will help you identify tree diseases and eradicate them before they take hold.

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