DIY Tree Removal: What Are the Risks?

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Do you have a tree in your yard that you’re itching to bid adieu to? Whether it no longer complements your landscape design or its roots threaten the integrity of your property’s foundation, your initial instinct may be to grab a chainsaw and embark on a DIY tree removal mission. 

Before you don your lumberjack gear, it’s worth taking a moment to contemplate the potential hazards of such a venture. As the go-to crew for tree removal in Portsmouth, VA, our team at Arbor Experts can lend some insight on the matter.

Misuse of Equipment

Professional arborists undergo extensive training in the appropriate use of tree removal equipment, and for good reason.


Hurling a chainsaw around without proper training is akin to juggling knives blindfolded — downright dangerous! When mishandled, this ferocious tool can result in severe, even life-threatening injuries. Chainsaws can kick back with shocking suddenness, leading to accidental cuts and wounds. 

Manual Cutting Tools

Don’t let the humble pruning shear or old-school axe fool you. They might look straightforward, but they come with their own set of challenges. A slipped axe can easily turn into a trip to the emergency room, while an improperly wielded pruning shear can result in a nasty gash.

Safety Apparatus

In the hands of an amateur, even the best gear offers scant protection when cutting down a tree. From poorly fastening a harness to wearing the helmet incorrectly, a slight mistake can leave you unprotected in the face of danger. 


Talk about a game of timber roulette! Once felled, a tree will fall and may unpredictably veer off course, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. It’s not just the tree you have to worry about, either; falling branches become airborne missiles, causing property damage, injury, or both. 

Even smaller debris, like twigs and leaves, create surprising hazards, especially if they clutter your ladder or obscure your vision. Depending on where they land, these little nuisances can make for slippery and treacherous footing. 


Given their impressive heights, it’s not uncommon for trees to tangle with overhead power lines, turning your DIY tree removal project into a high-voltage debacle. A single touch could send a lethal jolt through your body, causing severe burns or even a tragic fatality.

Utility companies only maintain trees that interfere with their main lines. Any connections leading to your property are your responsibility. That makes it all the more important to involve specialists who understand the electrical risks involved.

Your Trusted Professional Tree Removal Team

From falling tree limbs to poorly planned escape routes, DIY tree removal is a risky endeavor fraught with potential pitfalls. Why take such a gamble when you can entrust the task to our seasoned arborists at Arbor Experts? Dial 757-500-TREE and allow us to take the stress and danger out of your project. We also offer:

  • Pruning maintenance
  • Stump grinding
  • Land prepping
  • And more

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