Should You Trim Lower Branches on Trees?

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should you trim lower branches on trees

In some instances, tree trimming is an obvious solution. For example, if your tree has large, overgrown branches, removing them will not only be necessary for the yard’s safety and the tree’s appearance but for the sake of overall tree health as well. But is trimming always the best course of action? 

Should you trim lower branches on trees or only higher ones? Read on to see what the professional arborists from Arbor Experts say about trimming your trees so that you can make an informed decision.

Why You Should Trim Your Tree’s Lower Branches

As hardy as your tree looks, it still needs regular maintenance to survive. Trimming and pruning are part of that maintenance, including for the lower branches.

Many tree owners only think of trimming as a purely aesthetic practice. But while it does contribute to your tree’s appearance, trimming offers a lot more. For instance, the practice will remove dying branches to reduce the risk of injury or property damage.

Why should you trim lower branches on trees? Trimming isn’t only meant for large, overgrown branches. Trimming the lower branches, also called crown raising or limbing up, is also beneficial.

However, here are a few reasons why you should let a tree trimming company in Virginia Beach like Arbor Experts trim the lower branches on your tree.

Promote Healthy Trunk Development

Trimming the lower branches of your tree goes a long way in promoting healthy trunk development.

As your tree grows, it can develop multiple leaders, the vertical stems at the top of your tree’s trunk. But a tree with multiple leaders can be problematic, so trimming the lower branches can correct its trajectory.

Encourage Strong Structure

Trimming your tree’s lower branches encourages a stronger infrastructure. Doing so will help the tree retain its natural shape and prevent growth defects.

Pedestrian and Vehicular Clearance

Though your tree might be tall, its lower branches could still create obstacles for vehicles and pedestrians. By trimming these branches, you can create more clearance.

When Should You Trim Lower Branches on Trees?

Timing is important when trimming off the lower branches of your tree. For example, professionals like Arbor Experts will usually advise against trimming your trees in the summer. 

Early spring or late fall is better because the cool temperatures reduce the spread of diseases. Also, trimming your trees during these seasons will give them the time they need to heal before winter.

Professional Tree Trimming in Virginia Beach, VA

Should you trim lower branches on trees? Yes, but you should always leave the task to trained professionals like Arbor Experts. Handling the task on your own can lead to mistakes, which could increase the risk of decay and remove energy-producing needles and leaves that keep your tree healthy.

Why not entrust your tree’s trimming to Arbor Experts instead? Besides offering quality services, we can also answer any queries you might have, including whether tree branches grow back.Go ahead; call Arbor Experts today at 757-500-TREE or request a free quote online for service in Virginia Beach!


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